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Adios, Speak Up

Posted by Michael on Apr 19, 2009 in Design | No Comments

By 2004, I had been a graphic designer for about five years. I was working in-house in the corporate world, freshly married, but facing a dramatic burn out in my professional world. I was out of steam and I had no idea why. Yes corporate work can get stale, but this was beyond that. I …


Posted by Michael on Mar 30, 2009 in Design | No Comments

An absolutely useless update here: I successfully added my facebook status updates, and semi-successfully added a recommended reading list that pulls from Amazon. The display of the book covers is terrible, so I’ll have to look at how to hack up the code so it’s more pretty. I made a few other teaks here and …

Version 3

Posted by Michael on Mar 29, 2009 in Design | No Comments

Okay, so I finally made the jump and moved everything around and got the new version up on (insert southern drawl) this here domain (end southern drawl). Whew. Still tweaking and cleaning, and as frustrating as some things are, it’s pretty damn fun to learn new things. I’ve been giving it some serious thought, about whether …